Kendal Early Learning Center

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Kendal ELC intergenerational learning
Kendal ELC intergenerational learning
Kendal ELC intergenerational learning

Intergenerational Learning

KELC intergenerational program has been developed over the past 17 years through the strong support of Kendal at Oberlin’s Resident Community. Their commitment to promoting a sense of community, to welcoming diversity and to embracing continuous learning is exhibited in their support of our program.

The Creative Curriculum

It is our mission at Kendal’s Early Learning Center to provide the families of on-site employees and families from the surrounding community with a high-quality educational program.

Positive Interactions
Intergenerational learning

Positive interactions and relationships with adults provide a critical foundation for successful learning.

Purposeful Play
Constructive play

Constructive, purposeful play supports essential learning.

Social–emotional competence
Social-emotional learning

Social–emotional competence is a significant factor in school success.

Teacher–family partnerships
Teacher-family relations

Teacher–family partnerships promote development and learning.

Physical Environment
Learning environment

The physical environment affects the type and quality of learning interactions.

Preschool Program

Our preschool program is a quality program that focuses on providing a solid base in each child’s early childhood education so they can enter kindergarten ready to succeed. It has also been awarded the 5-star Step Up To Quality award by the Ohio department of education.

Kendal ELC intergenerational learning
Kendal ELC intergenerational learning
kendal early learning center classroom

What parents are saying

Kendal Early Learning Center has been an amazing experience for both of my kids as well as myself as a parent. From high teacher to student ratios to thoughtful and engaging lesson plans, my kids have been excited to go to school and have substantially grown emotionally and academically. During our time with KELC, the program offered a voluntary parent study group of Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline led by some of the teachers. Besides being able to discuss and better understand the text, this was a great way to get to know the teachers and other parents outside of the classroom, strengthening the community that our kids interact with directly.

- Boris C.

The Conscious Discipline methodology has helped us address frustrations and misunderstandings in a productive and positive way and was instrumental in helping my oldest child transition from KELC to kindergarten. With both of my kids as well as their friends in the program, there is a noticeable and positive progression from year to year at KELC. Kendal Early Learning Center is more than an excellent daycare program: it has been a positive and nurturing part of our lives.

- Boris C.

We learned so much from CD over the years. As I’ve said in the book club, it has evolved over the years but it’s really opened our eyes on teaching or using moments to teach because a skill isn’t there or hasn’t been learned yet. It’s tough to teach in the moment sometimes but taking a step back, breathing and collecting oneself then using that moment to teach has been really helpful.

- Ursula

It is a comforting feeling knowing that when I leave my child for the day, my child is receiving the love, education and emotional building blocks to become an outstanding human being. And that I can go on about my day, and the most important part of my life is in good, safe hands. Thank You!

- Grateful Parents

My wife and I are very protective of our child. He means the world, and more, to us. With that said, I want to acknowledge the KELC staff and family. Our child has been in this program for about 7 months and we could not be happier with KELC. The staff truly loves and cares for our child and it shows in their dedication to his education and overall wellbeing. They do a great job of listening to our input, as well as offering sound advice for any issues we may face.

- Grateful Parents

Kendal Early Learning Center is more than a preschool; it is a community of friends learning and growing together. KELC provided such a solid foundation; my children will never forget their KELC friends and grandfriends and the fun they had together.

- Laura S.

Our experience at KELC has been amazing. Kendal offers the small personalized approach to early learning that perfectly suits our family and in particular our daughter. Watching her grow learn and come out of her shell has been inspiring. She has gone from a kid who was relatively quiet at school to one who talks nonstop from drop off to pick up.  We couldn’t ask for a better place to help set the foundation for our child’s development.

- Hedy L.

KELC was an amazing experience for our son and – unexpectedly – for us parents too. with their conscious discipline approach, Jeni and her team helped me learn new and better ways to be a mom. in fact, with their help, I became the mom I always wanted to be. My son thrived at KELC and was guided to be independent, to recognize his emotions and needs, to speak up for himself, to build friendships, to share, to love, to care.

- Doris J.

We feel fortunate to have had the chance to cross paths with all of you in the journey of preparing our kiddos for school by going through KELC. Thank you all SO much.

- Mark S.

I really appreciate all of you, he seems so happy when I pick him up.

- Kara P.

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It is our mission at Kendal’s Early Learning Center to provide the families of on-site employees and families from the surrounding community with a high-quality educational program.